In the Co-Innovation Lab of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, companies work with students on their future innovations within courses.


Cooperation Formats


In the Co-Innovation Lab of the University of Applied Sciences Munich, companies work together with students on their future innovations in the context of lectures. 

This results in…

  • a common development environment for innovation projects: from the idea to implementation and test run in a maximum of 10 weeks
  • a win-win situation:
    • Companies, students and professors develop innovative solutions based on digital technology
    • Companies meet potential employees of tomorrow
    • Students change from case studies to reality

Currently different formats are being carried out:

  • Consulting by the internal consulting organization “Brainnovative Consulting“. Students advise companies in different topics and industries. Increasingly, prototypical IT implementation (such as app development) is also being integrated.
  • Modeling and optimization of processes in Process DigitizationCompanies and students discuss and digitize current process areas.
  • New approaches through Process Mining. Companies and students optimize processes together with an IT tool manufacturer and consulting companies.